Engineered Flooring and the Environment

This flooring provides the best solution for those looking to have a beautifully designed floor that is kind to the environment. Here are some of the many selling points for this floor.

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What Is It?

This flooring is made from multiple layers of wood sandwiched and bonded together. This makes it stable and resistant to wear and tear and extremes of temperature.

Better for the Environment

Although made of wood, flooring that is engineered involves a manufacturing process that is super-efficient. Instead of the one plank of wood used in solid flooring, engineered wood can be divided into up to 20 strips with less waste. Therefore, solid wood flooring uses up more wood than engineered.


The flooring is made out of wood, which when sourced responsibly is renewable and better for the environment – no need to worry about landfill with wood. As you use less wood with flooring that is engineered, fewer trees will be felled in the process.

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Easy to Fit

This flooring can be laid on top of other surfaces such as tiles, so there is no need to rip out any previous flooring – just lay it on top. There will be less waste this way. Your engineered floor from will be easy to lay and once installed will require no further effort.

There are many benefits to engineered floors, and investing in this flooring will help both the environment and your home.