Essential oils in your everyday life

When it comes to incorporating essential oils into your everyday life there are a variety of ways in which you can use your favourite scents. Whether this is lavender to help calm you, peppermint for mental clarity or perhaps orange and geranium for a mixture of the two effects. There are hundreds of different oils to choose from and the ones that you use will depend very much on the result that you are looking for, along with ay pre-existing conditions or contraindications which mean that you should not use certain oil. It is always best to buy your oils from a reputable company such as so that you can ensure their quality.

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Here are a number of ways that you can use these oils in your everyday life and routine.

Massage – this involves adding your chosen essential oil to a carrier oil or a lotion such as coconut oil or a plain lotion. You can also find massage oils and lotions that are already infused with the oil. This massage does not have to be a full body massage it could simply be using a hand lotion each day and rubbing some of this into the pulse points located on your wrists.

Diffusing – this is one of the most popular ways to enjoy essential oils and requires the use of a diffuser, You will place a few drops of your chosen oil or oils into water in the diffuser and allow this to disperse into the air. Some people choose to do this at the end of the day as a way in which to relax themselves before sleeping and others will use a variety of oils throughout the day and may use oil diffusion as a way in which to get them through the mid-afternoon slump rather than having to resort to caffeine. Oils that can help to stimulate include peppermint, rosemary and orange. If you are looking for something to relax you after a hard day at the office you might want to look at using lavender, geranium or roman chamomile.

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Inhalation – you may think that this is the same as diffusion but the subtle difference is that during inhalation you will place a drop of the oil directly into your hand and will then place your palms close to your nose and inhale the smell. You can also achieve this by placing a few drops onto a handkerchief or perhaps a favoured scarf that you regular place around your neck.

Topically – this means placing the oils directly onto various areas of your body and is most often used in reiki and reflexology. If you are going to apply oil directly to your skin you should always seek the advice of a professional before you do so to ensure that the oil is appropriate for your and safe for direct use. If you are concerned then adding it to a carrier oil or lotion may be a better alternative.