Exercising your brain power

Your brain is an incredible organ and manages so many of the other functions within the body but just like any other muscle it needs to be exercised n order for it to remain strong and healthy. Now, you can’t buy little dumbbells for your brain so you need to think outside environment of the gym.

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There are a number of thing that you can do to keep your brain healthy and here are some ideas for you.

Listening to motivational speakers like adventureman can help to expand your brain in terms of the perceptions that you make about people and situations and it can also help to broaden your horizons slightly. Experiencing and learning new things helps to keep your mind active and also you motivation to learn high.

Looking at your exercise routine. Your physical exercise can have a positive impact on your brain health and a great way to do this is to ensure that you vary the physical activities that you take part in. Repeating the same thing over and over again does not help expand or exercise your brain. Mixing things up a little however, does.

‘You are what you eat’ is a statement that most people will have heard at one point or another and it is certainly true for your brain. We are all aware of the foods that are good for our body and that help to reduce our risk of diabetes and certain types of cancers but there are also foods that can help to slow down mental decline. These include any foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids and the higher the level the better. As well as this you a also looking for foods that contain DHA and EPA. These tend to be found naturally in a variety of oily fish. They all help to reduce the risks of dementia and help to sharpen your memory and your focus and concentration levels.

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New skills help to strengthen your brain as you learn something new. This may be learning a new language or taking on a puzzle such as sudoku that you have never completed before. Giving your brain new things to learn on a regular basis means that is able to keep learning for longer.

Socialising is incredible important for our brains, especially as we are genetically made to seek connections with others. The stimulation we receive when talking and spending time with others helps to keep our brains healthy and this is particularly important for those older adults who maybe living alone.