Flexible office space: five benefits

There’s no getting away from it; running a business can be an expensive affair. From equipment to staffing, inventory to technology, it can all mount up and put a dent in your operating profit. While some costs are wholly unavoidable, depending on your business model, such as stock or staff, others you have more flexibility with.

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Office space is one such cost where there are a number of options open to you. In the early days you might be able to get away with a home office, but as your business grows this may no longer be an option. But you don’t need to go to the expense and commitment of buying or leasing office space; flexible office space offers a number of benefits – here are just five.

Easy to get started

Opting for flexible office space is a far less complicated process than trying to negotiate a commercial lease, or buying a property, so it’s much more straightforward to get started. These types of managed spaces will also already have utilities in place so that’s one less thing to have to worry about too. In fact, in most cases, all you need to do is turn up, set up and get started.

This option is becoming increasingly popular, and the BBC predicts that over the next five years the sector will grow by more than 30 per cent.

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Professional business address

There’s just no getting around it; sometimes a commercial, rather than residential, address makes your business look more professional. Of course, in the event of an irate customer there are other benefits to not having your home address linked to your business.

Managed services

Many flexible office spaces can also offer you concierge and reception services so that your business is manned even while you’re not in the office.

Shared services

You will also often get access to facilities that you may not be able to otherwise afford, such as conference and meeting rooms and on-site parking.

A sense of community

Being in a managed facility where you will be among other businesses also creates a sense of community and collaboration that you simply won’t get working from home.