How to find the perfect foundation

Walking into a department store or pharmacy on a mission to find the right foundation might leave you not really knowing where to start – there are just so many options! Start with asking yourself a few questions about what you need your foundation to do for you.

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Liquid foundations

These are easy to blend and feel light on the skin. They generally offer good coverage, which is great if your skin is prone to outbreaks or has some scarring. They’re available in matte or moisturising versions, though if your skin is oily, the moisturiser options could only add to the problem.

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Mineral foundations

For sensitive skin, or those with allergies, mineral foundations offer an option that is unlikely to cause reactions. They tend to use completely natural ingredients, often organic, and have options for all skin types. If you care about what you put on your face, this could be the option for you!

BB creams

Although not strictly a foundation, Beauty Balm tinted moisturisers are used by many in place of a foundation and can be easier to match to your skin tone. They’ll give you a light coverage, hydration for your skin, and often an SPF (sun protection factor) too!

Cream powder

Another option that isn’t quite a foundation is the cream powder. It does the same job and there are products to give you a semi-matte finish, or even a more powdery one. They are easy to use, and as they dry quickly, they are a good time-saver for those who don’t want to spend hours on their make-up. It can also be a useful product to have in your handbag for touch-ups on the go.

Brands like Benefit cosmetics, available online from companies such as Cara Pharmacy offer a great range to suit all skin types and colours.

Once you’ve decided which sort of foundation is right for you, read the advice from Cosmopolitan on picking the right shade for your skin tone.

Don’t forget, your skin may change over time and age is often a factor, so what worked for you ten years ago might not be right anymore. Be willing to revisit your choice. And of course, the cosmetic industry is always working on new advances, so there might well be new products to consider since the last time you went shopping.