Showing your respect with a beautiful flower design

One of the main times that people will use a florist is for ordering flowers for either an anniversary gift or perhaps to mark your respect when attending a funeral. It can be incredibly difficult to decide what flowers to either take along with you or have placed in the hearse when you are going to a funeral and this will often depend on your relationship to the person.

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There are a number of things you can do to help you in choosing your flower design as well as the colours and flower variety. Here are some tips to help you in making your flower choice.

You should always ensure that you check the wishes of the family before you decide to buy any flowers as some people like to ask for a donation to a charity close to them with only close family members buying flowers. It is also worth checking what sort of service they are going to be having and any particular requirements linked to this.

Once you know that it is ok for you to buy flowers you should think about the personality and interests of the person whose funeral it is. This will help you to decide on a bouquet or floral arrangement style. Talking to a Gloucestershire Florist such as is incredibly important as they will be aware of the types of flowers that are traditional used at funeral as well as those that will look best in the type of arrangement that you are looking at. The size of your arrangement is also important as unless the person is a close family member or long-term friend you will not be expected to buy a large arrangement and a small wreath or beautifully arranged bouquet may be a better option.

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Sticking to either colours and flowers that you know the person loved or traditional funeral flowers is best. You should ensure that a message card is included with any arrangement or bouquet that you have created as many families keep these in some form of memory book. On this card you can write a personalised messaged to the person who is deceased and sign it with your name. This will help to bring some comfort to the family, especially if you include your favoured memory of the person, when they read this back at a later date.