Helping to keep you upright and moving.

Your back is one of the most important part of skeletal system, both for protecting your spinal cord and also to enable you to move around. But it is often the one body part that we don’t look after well enough and millions of people throughout the country deal with an element of back pain each day. If your back pain is persistent or affecting your ability to be able to carry out your usual activities it would be worth seeking the advice of Osteopaths Cheltenham

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In the meantime, here are some ideas for what you can do to help keep your back in tip top condition:

Really relax at night.

When you lie in bed at night, your spine takes a well-deserved break from all the activities that you have asked it to b e a part of during the day. This is when you really can pamper your spine by making sure that you have a good quality mattress and pillows. The type of mattress you choose and how many pillows you place your head on is down to your individual choice. But you want to make sure that your body and back in particular feels supported and comfortable.

Strong to the core.

One of the modern-day problems of not looking after our backs is the increase in the number of people experiencing lower back problems. In order to take some of the pressure away from this area you need to work on strengthening your core and abdominal muscles. These then work to support your lower back during your day to day movements.

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Desk slumping.

As many of us are now working in predominately desk based jobs and we have increasingly sedentary lifestyles, our backs start to pay the price. In order to combat this, you should regularly stretch out your back, arms and neck throughout the day to keep them flexible and reduce your chances of muscles injury. The other way you can support your back at work is to ensure that your desk ergonomics are correct for you. There is no such thing as a standard desk set up. Everyone is different and will have different requirements for their desks. Many employees offer a work desk assessment in order to have you sitting or standing position correct at your desk. If this isn’t something your company can help with it is worth mentioning to the Osteopath when you visit them, as they should be able to help out.