High-Tech Home Security Systems to Suit All Budgets

Are you thinking about getting a home security system for your house? Once home security systems were very expensive, but today they are much more affordable and accessible. Because of this, many more people are setting their homes up with a state-of-the-art security system.

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A home security system will benefit your home in many different ways. According to Safe Wise, a good system will protect your valuable items, deter thieves from your property and even give you remote access to your home. This is very useful if your house is broken into, as it means that you will find out immediately.

If you want to invest in home security, here is a selection of high-tech home security systems that will suit any budget.

The NETATMO Welcome Home Camera with Face Recognition

Cost: £129.98

The NETATMO Welcome Home Camera is an all-in-one device that comes with facial recognition software and an impressive 130-degree of field. This makes it much easier for the camera to capture high-quality footage of faces and number plates. The device will also notify you about any new people on the property using the high-tech facial recognition software so that you can easily check up on any strange visitors.

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If you are interested in finding out more about endpoint security, check out https://www.promisec.com/.

The NETATMO Presence Outdoor Security Camera with Light

Cost: £249.99

The NETATMO Presence Outdoor Camera is ideal for outdoor environments, and it can be adjusted using your phone – you can turn the light on the device on or off from your phone. The light will also come on automatically if it senses movement. When it is switched off, it will still use infra-red night vision to send live reports to your phone, which will let you know if anyone is loitering nearby.

The Motorola Focus 66B Home Security Camera

Cost: £39.99

The Motorola Focus Camera is a super-affordable device that offers a lot. The small device uses cloud technology so that it can be accessed using your smartphone, and you can even zoom in on small details. This makes it easier for you to catch number plates and faces, and when you find the image you want, you can take a snapshot that you can take to the police so that they can investigate if necessary.