How flatbed trolleys can benefit your business

All businesses need a safe, robust way of transporting goods. A heavy-duty flatbed is the perfect tool for the job. These can be tailored to meet your specific needs and accordingly come in different styles and functionalities.

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A flatbed trolley can be a) manual or b) electric and equipped with a non-slip platform, flat bottoms and swivel wheels. The flatbed offers convenience and can reduce goods damage.


The Health and Safety Executive has recognised the place of flatbed trolleys in the safe transportation of goods – The risk of employee injury owing to overexertion and common strain injuries to back, shoulders and arms can be minimised with the safe operation of flatbeds.

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When purchasing and using a flatbed trolley a number of factors are relevant;

1. There are many different types of flatbed, with variations in load capacity and height and other specifications. Application to your particular business need is important to ensure use of the optimum flatbed. You should consider bulk, weight and size of the trolley load.

2. Create an efficient, safe and flat pathway within your premises to ensure flexible maneuverability

This will reduce delivery times and optimise the safe use of trolleys. It can also increase the longevity of your trolley. Flatbeds should have adequate space to move within a manufacturer’s store space, having particular regard to the layout of your premises. Factors such as frequency of journey and distances to travel should be considered as well as type of terrain and the specifics of the trolley, for example, wheels or casters. Where possible, aisles within the premises should offer maximum ease of passage and optimum width.

3. Consider the weight of items being transported

This will safeguard that goods are moved in a safe and efficient fashion and are guided by industry accepted numerical safety standards.

4. Invest in maintenance

As with all manufacturing stock in trade, good maintenance of flatbeds is essential. Ensuring that staff are sufficiently trained to use and maintain the trolleys safely is also an important consideration.

Flatbed trolleys come with many benefits to enable you to move goods safely within your business premises. Warehouses, factories and retail stores are obvious outlets but use can also be made in the home setting as well, for example during a house move or a simple domestic reorganisation.