How malware can affect your company’s computer network

Well the word Malware is taken from “Malicious Software”. A malware is a virus which is capable in bringing down the whole system of networks. One of the most common type of virus, malware is can easily corrupt the system files, gather information and gain access to the private information of the users. Computers affected by malware generally slow down and start displaying unwanted advertisements.

Malwares can be stealthy, and are planted with the intention to steal information or spy on computer users for an extended period without their knowledge. Well Malware is a kind of umbrella term which covers wide range of hostile and intrusive software’s which include Trojan horse, ransomware, spyware, adware and many more. All these viruses are designed to harm the computers and related networks.

Generally these malwares come in the form of executable codes, scripts, active content and software’s. Most of the time these malwares are activated by the users, because of the lack of knowledge, people are not able to locate the malware inside the system because of which it leads to the expansion of this virus in all parts of the computer and network. Once the malware is activated, it will start gathering private information, and will corrupt the stored files leading to complete system damage.

Beside this, these viruses especially spyware come embedded in software’s supplied officially by companies. These spywares keep a tab on user’s activities and send anonymous data back to the host servers. Every year business houses spend billions on keeping their crucial information safe and keep their networks safe from any kind of lethal cyber-attack

In order to safeguard your computer and network safe it essential to install antivirus that will assist you in malware detection and will restrict them from harming your system. Make sure that you hiring an experienced network security firm who will design and develop the best threat management system for you that will meet your entire requirement. These companies have team of software designers, who enable them to carry out these tasks.