How natural light is beneficial

The positive benefits of a certain amount of natural sunlight have now been documented for some time. Being able to let the right amount of natural sunlight into our homes and workplaces keeps us healthier and more productive. So, what are these benefits?


Natural light is provided by nature, so anything that reduces our need to rely on man-made power and the burning of fossil fuels must be a good thing. It’s better for us and for the environment. By increasing exposure to sunlight at the right times with modern energy efficient doors and windows makes a healthier, more sustainable and more comfortable home or workplace.

Good for us

Natural light is good for us, reducing the growth of bacteria and other organisms that might be happening in our homes. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and also increases people’s uptake of vitamins B and D. Natural sunlight helps give a healthy complexion, has healing powers for skin, improves circulation and is said to improve digestion. Sunlight also boosts the number of red blood cells; white blood cell counts and the immune system.

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Natural sunlight boosts the production of serotonin and endorphins and also helps people to sleep better. It helps to balance your hormones; boosts energy levels and makes organs stronger.


By increasing the amount of natural light entering your home or workplace, you should see a reduction in your fuel bill as you rely on artificial lighting a lot less. Doors and windows are also significantly more energy efficient than they used to be. Many workplaces choose to install brise soleil to make the most of beneficial sunlight but keeping it out when it gets too much or too hot. For more information on Brise Soleil, contact

Mental benefits

There can be no denying that a sunny day boosts our mood. Sunlight encourages energy and can improve productivity. Studies have found that workers in natural lighting have improved short-term cognitive ability than those working in dimly lit environments. Workers bathed in natural sunlight have fewer sick days than others and have a generally improved productivity, energy and positive attitude.

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How to increase the natural light in your home

Thankfully, there are some steps that you can take straight away to improve the natural lighting levels in your home or workplace. There are plenty of ore permanent steps you can take as well.

  • Keep the curtains or blinds pulled back or open during the hours of daylight
  • Try to avoid positioning any dark, heavy or thick furniture in front of or near the windows
  • Decorate your interior with light colours and shades
  • Have white trim around the doors and windows
  • Place wall mirrors opposite windows to diffuse the sun’s rays throughout the room
  • Change exterior doors from solid to ones with windows
  • Install a new energy efficient window, especially on south-facing walls
  • Change existing windows to newer, thermal windows if existing ones are outdated