How to keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer

If you’ve decided to have a real Christmas tree this year, then you might be grateful of some tips on how to look after it. Taking good care of your tree will mean it looks great for longer and you can enjoy the pleasant aroma and full branches right through the festive period.

Things you might need:

A carefully chosen, beautiful real tree

A bucket

A small saw to trim the trunk

A watering can

A sturdy out or tree stand that will hold water without leaking

Where to find the best trees:

The best way to guarantee a top-quality tree is to cut your own or have one cut for you from a local farm. Buying locally also guarantees its freshness and sustainability as farms replant for future harvests. It’s a greener option as you’ll be cutting your carbon footprint and helping to support local business. If you buy a pre-cut tree, find out when they were harvested. Feeling the needles is a good indicator. Needles should feel bendy and flexible, not brittle and dried out. For Wellingborough Real Christmas Trees, visit Welford Christmas Trees

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Tips for getting your tree ready:

Take your tree out of its protective netting as soon as possible. If you leave it standing for too long you run the risk of mould forming on the damp branches. You’ll want to air it as soon as possible.

Give it a little water straight away to keep it hydrated.

Using a saw, cut approximately 25mm off the base of the trunk. This is done to ensure the base of the tree is fresh and it will absorb more water this way. If you don’t intend to put it up immediately then stand it outside in a sheltered spot and sitting in a bucket of water.

When it’s ready for being positioned, shake it gently to loosen any foliage and get rid of insects. Banging the trunk of tree on the ground will also help dislodge any loose needles.

Position your tree in a pot or tree stand. You may need to trim some more from the base of the trunk to ensure it fits properly. Don’t pot in soil or sand as this will prevent the water intake it needs to stay healthy. Position your tree away from any direct sources of heat such as fires or radiators or you risk drying out the branches and causing increased needle drop.

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When your tree is in position:

Be sure to water your tree every day as a dehydrated tree will begin to wilt quickly. A medium-sized tree will drink at least 500ml of water per day and a larger tree can consume between 1 and 2 litres a day. The warmer your home, the more water it will need to remain green and full.

To stay safe this Christmas, be sure to check that any Christmas lights are in good working order with none broken or missing. A good option is to purchase LED decorating lights which are cheap to run and they stay cooler than traditional Christmas lights.