How to prepare an unoccupied property for winter

Leaving a property vacant over the winter months can be a stressful prospect. You never know what you’ll come back and find in the spring. If you want to prevent weather damage, there are a few things you should look at before you leave.

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Water left in pipes can freeze, expand and then burst the pipes. It’s always best before you leave to turn the water off at the mains. The next step is to drain the water by leaving taps running until all the water has gone. Similarly, you should drain the toilets, washing machine and dishwasher, if you have one. For added security, you could also pour antifreeze down the drains.


You could also leave the central heating thermostat on a low temperature, which would stop the pipes from freezing and keep the house dry throughout the winter months.

Always ensure that you have a professional out before leaving the house, so that you know that your boiler is in good working order. Specialists in Boiler Installation Bristol based or otherwise, will be able to reduce the risk of malfunctions and fire. Also make sure that your property is checked at least once a week by a property manager or someone you trust to ensure that the boiler continues in good working order.

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If your boiler is very old, it might be time to invest in a new one. For boiler installation Bristol is well-served, and you should easily be able to find a reliable and professional installer.


Tell your neighbours that you’re going away and ensure that they inform you if they see any suspicious activity going on.

Council tax

You’ll need to get in touch with your local council to see what their stance is on properties that aren’t occupied. As suggests, many councils will give you a discount on your council tax, but you’ll have to contact them first to find out.


The primary structure that protects your property against the element, check that your roof is in good working order before you leave for the winter.

Look for leaks, damage such as loose tiles, or even a build-up of water that could cause a collapse. Gutters should be checked and cleaned so that rain water can flow away with ease.