How to successfully pack electronics for sending by courier

Electronics such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers make fantastic gifts. If you are posting the electronics, you should make sure you send them correctly, as sending electronics carelessly can result in expensive damage and leave the recipient very disappointed.

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Here are three tips to help you successfully pack electronics for sending by courier.

Protect the batteries

It is important to protect lithium-ion batteries from temperature changes and air pressure changes, both of which can damage batteries. For this reason, you should make sure that you switch off all electronic devices before you send them and ensure that the electronics are packaged properly. If they are still in the original packaging, this should be fine; if not, you may want to put the device back in its packaging for shipping, if you still have it, as the original packaging will be designed for safe postage.

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Use professionals

If you are short of time, you can use professionals to ship your goods for you; for example, UPS store certified packing experts will help you to properly package your electronic goods. Most post offices will also help you to package your items. This will ensure the package makes it safely to its next destination!

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Use the right packing method

If you are sending electronic goods and are packaging them yourself, it is important to make sure that you package them properly. Many people use the double (over) boxing method for shipping fragile electronics, which is putting a box within a box. This means the item is less likely to be damaged by impact, with the extra padding also helping to absorb any vibrations and bumps while in transit.

You may also want to fill the package with bubble wrap or foam inserts to make sure it is extra secure. You should avoid using packing peanuts, however, as this can create static electricity that could damage the device.

Thousands of electronic items are sent around the globe every day, so you don’t need to worry too much about your item being broken or damaged. Just make sure that you package the item properly and you should have no problems!