How to Choose a Pressure Washer

In certain industries a pressure washer is an essential item, such as the automotive, fisheries or marine sectors. Pressure washers are actually also useful for less industrialized businesses and even households, which can use them to keep the outdoor of the home, garden or yard in tip-top condition. But with so many to choose from, what are the main considerations you need to make before buying a pressure washer?

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Petrol vs. Electric

Pressure washers are available to buy powered by either petrol or electricity. Electric washers need to be plugged in and are therefore more suitable for when the washing will take place in one area, such as your decking, whereas petrol-powered pressure washers are far more mobile, so they are perfect for moving around larger items such as a large boat. Petrol-powered pressure washers tend to be available with much higher power outputs than electric ones, making them ideal for serious dirt and grime.

Storage Space

Large pressure washers take up a lot of space, so make sure you have the room to store one. It needs to be prepared properly for winter storage and also needs to be kept secure so that it cannot be stolen. Consider adding the pressure washer on to your home or business insurance.

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Home or Commercial

Those looking for a pressure washer to clean a small boat or garden area will be fine with a small electric pressure washer from a local hardware store. These have power outputs of around 1400 W – 2100 W. Those in need of serious pressure washers for their business operations in the marine or fisheries sector will need to consider a more specialist outlet or manufacturer that sells a petrol washer, as explained above. Petrol-powered washers are more suitable for intense industrial cleaning, as they have engines with capacities of up to 420 cc. Look out for established names such as Briggs ad Stratton, who will also be able to sell you replacement engine parts should you need them. Briggs and Stratton parts can be found at

Before you buy a pressure washer, consider how often you will use it and what you need it for. Also consider your budget, but remember that cheap pressure washers are often a poor economical choice, as they are not as robust as petrol-engine washers.