Getting a flat roof for you garage or extension is a good idea

I’ve been looking into having some work done to my house. Like most people I’m a bit pushed for space and I would love to have an extension put on the side of my house so that I can get a bit more living space. I know the design and everything but I’m not sure as to what I can do about the roof. What I’ve done is look at the options of a flat roof and this flat roofing Gloucester based company could provide me with the installation. There at  and after I’ve told you about what I’ve learned you might want to give that link a click.

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The first thing that I wanted to know about was cost. It turns out that a pitched roof, an angled one like you see on traditional roofs can be really expensive. It’s not like they look that good against my house. They take ages to put together and you have to get a specialist roofer and tiler in to get them installed. As soon as I hear the word specialist I know that means more money.

It’s not like it’s actually a flat roof anyway. You can’t have a completely flat roof because with all the rain we get that roof would be a lake by Christmas. It needs to be a little bit sloped; it only takes a few degrees up one end for it to work. I’m planning to link it to a water butt so I can use it on my tomatoes as they love rain water. One of the most exciting things about having a flat roof that got me thinking was I could knock through my bedroom wall and put in an exterior door leading out on to it and hey presto, I’ve got a balcony. I’ve always wanted a balcony. Be a nice spot for my tomatoes.

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Another thing that sold me on the flat roof was just how cheaper it was than the pitched roof. All they have to do is bring in the sections of it all nice and horizontal and then secure it to the ceiling joists I’m having put in. It really is that simple. I’m also really glad that they now have an improved membrane put on otherwise I wouldn’t be bothering. In the old days they just used put down a thin layer of broken up stone and rock then lay some of that shed felt on top of it and have done with it.

Well that’s my experience of it.