Increase Website Traffic Through Videos

The next big thing in the world of internet marketing and social media marketing is video marketing. Interesting, funny and compelling videos is a tool more powerful compared to static graphics or texts and its exposure and reach is quite phenomenal. Basically, a good video is the beginning of great video marketing. If people like what they see, you get countless ‘shares’ and thus, increased traffic.

Videos Drive Traffic to Your Website
Many times, videos that are relevant outrank your primary website for keywords since videos do have authority when it comes to searching. If you ignore the addition of adding a video that shows what you offer, you are as a result ignoring a main source of traffic for you site.

When you add a video that grabs attention on your website, it increases the number of the visitors you are targeting and thus increases your traffic. It also increases the SEO rankings of your website. Videos that are featured on web pages have a ninety-six percent chance of getting on the search results of Google’s first page. Engaging, interesting videos can be easily shared with online contacts, friends and family as well.  Your videos don’t need to be too long. They can get to the point and deliver information rather quickly.

Stronger Online Presence Through Videos
Plus, possible customers love watching promotional videos and product demos before making a final online purchase of your service and product. For this reason, you inadvertently strengthen your presence online through the addition of videos on your site, as these have the ability to spread like wildfire.

Upload Your Videos
There are many sites for sharing videos such as You Tube and Google. Other sites include Tubemogul, AOL Videos, Metacafe, Rewer, Veoh and Yahoo Videos. To gain maximum leverage, you should upload your videos in all these sites. Properly tag your video by using keywords that are targeted. Add the main keywords in the titles. You increase your rankings on the search engine when you do this.

Grab Attention
In order to grab the viewers’ attention, your videos need to be interesting, compelling, engaging and arresting. Keep in mind that a video that is popular and well-made gets shared rather quickly and within a short time, increases website traffic. These also ensure visitors that re-visit your site, which will give you a regular traffic supply as a result.

Through camtasia, you can even turn your articles into videos through a PowerPoint Edition recording. You might also want to create interactive videos where you can give you helpful advice or useful tips.