When to hire a Luton van with tail-lift

Van hire can be a confusing process, especially if you are not sure which type of LCV is best for the transport job you need to complete.

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If you need a high capacity Luton-style van, you will also have to think about whether or not it is worth picking a model that comes with a built-in tail lift.

Here are the main factors that will determine whether or not this feature is suitable, as well as a look at the capabilities that a tail lift brings to the table.

Luton van low-down

Plenty of people rely on a Luton van when they need an LCV that has a higher load capacity than a standard panel van, but is not quite as large and unwieldy as a fully fledged truck.

Payload capacities for this type of vehicle kick off at around 800kg, but can be much higher. You also get the benefit of additional load length thanks to the box-style body, along with extra storage located above the cab to optimise the amount of room that is available onboard.

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The cab itself should be sizeable enough to comfortably accommodate a driver and up to two passengers. Because you can drive a Luton van without having to apply for a specialist licence, it is accessible to any qualified UK drivers.

Tail lift advantages

Rental companies like https://www.fleetwayrentals.co.uk/, which provides van hire in Gloucester, will be able to offer Luton vans with tail lift capabilities to customers.

The obvious benefit of this mechanism is that it will make it much easier to lift heavy objects into the cargo area of the van, rather than having to struggle with them manually and handle them in a potentially dangerous way. Everything from sofas to pianos will be simpler and safer to put in the rear of a Luton van if a tail lift is available.

With more than 3.3 million vans on the road in the UK today, this type of commercial vehicle has grown in popularity in recent years. Many individuals and businesses choose to rent LCVs as and when they need them, rather than buying them outright.

Because of this, a Luton van with a tail lift can be sourced on the fly, without any of the prohibitive costs of ownership. For heavy-duty transport jobs, it will be a real asset.