It is time to change the gas meter box.

Every part of your home needs to be protected and maintained. You probably worry about the walls and the windows but there is one part of the house that people generally neglect. It is the box that house you gas meter. Considering that it measures the amount that you use perhaps we should try and ensure that it is in good order and protecting the gas meter inside. If your Gas Meter Box could do with a spruce then just go on to and you can get them fixed up. This is an important thing that does need to be checked.

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Think about your gas meter for moment. Ok, I know it’s not something that you really want to do but it does provide you with a very important service. It sits outside in all winds and weathers faithfully recording the amount of gas that you use so that your energy provider can correctly charge you for its use. You may not want it to but it is a requirement of every household to have one if they take mains supply. The very, very good news is that gas meters going wrong in anyway is extremely rare. The bad news is that although it is very, very rare there is a chance that it could still happen.  A regular check of your meter should be part of the general maintenance checks that you do around the home anyway. If you haven’t got a list of things to check then you should certainly think about making one and if you do have a list of jobs to check and maintenance and the gas meterv is not on the list then it should be. There is a very good reason for this damage or faulty meter can cost you money. It’s generally not the provider’s job to provide you with a protective box if it’s ever broken.

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As we said before the meter is very hardy as it has to be as it measures the amount of gas coming into the house but even so extreme weather such as frost or the cold can start to get into its inner workings. If the meter is not recording the flow correctly then you will find that there will be discrepancies in your gas bill. This means it might be very high or not record at all which means that you may have a backlog bill.

The box is down to you and it is your best interests to keep it whole and in place.