Life Skills We Can Learn from Comics

Most people will suffer with low self-esteem and communication problems at some point in their lives. Fear of failure stops us from trying new things and we are our own worst enemies. All the self-help books in the world may not help you, but inspiration may come from an unexpected place.

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Our view of comedians is quite often that they are outrageous characters, gallivanting through life in a haphazard fashion. What if we can learn from them to enrich our own lives?

Skills Required for a Comedian

It’s helpful to consider the processes required to become a successful comedian. Most will say that they spent years learning their craft before they commanded an audience. Here are some of the skills they demonstrate:

Resilience and Confidence

Comedians will have had many disastrous gigs. What makes them stand out is their ability to get up and keep going in the face of failure. They do this by practising their art constantly. With every gig they are developing resilience and confidence in their ability. It is believed that the key to overcoming poor confidence is to practise. You can guarantee that comedians have had a lot of practice.

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Excellent Disaster Management Skills

With resilience comes the amazing ability that comedians have when recovering from a disaster. They view each knock-back as a learning experience. Often, they will use the situation for comedic value, adding something extra to their repertoire. It is a surprise that businesses don’t book a comedian to offer training on disaster management.

Being Creative

Observational comedy takes the most mundane situations and makes them hysterically funny. This is an excellent ability to have in your working and personal life. Viewing things from a distinct perspective is an invaluable skill to have.

Communication Skills

We are always talking about communication skills being extremely important. Comedians use these skills every day in their job. Engaging with new audiences every night, they learn to gauge people’s interests and respond to their reaction. Attending comedy venues such as can provide insight into the art of communicating in a responsive and unique way.

Comedians are people who have our problems but have a unique way of coping with them. Think like a comedian and you will be able to respond to life’s challenges with humour.