Making your home more attractive to buyers

Have you had your house on the market for longer than you expected? Do not panic because with some subtle adjustments, you will have people rushing to submit a bid. It could be just some minor problems that prevent people from seeing the property as their own, so try these tips:

The kitchen is the heart of the home

Imagine you’re not selling the entire house but just the kitchen. That’s how important this room is for potential buyers so focus your efforts there. If your kitchen is not up to contemporary standards, then you can knock £ 10,000 asking price. Suddenly, a remodelling project does not seem so frivolous. At the very least you can paint the walls, retile or update the cabinets.

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Do not forget to spruce up the outside of your property. Make sure the grass is cut, leaves raked, and no unnecessary clutter is blocking the path to the front door. Some flower pots would make a good impression. If your garage door looks a little tired, think about carrying out any repairs or replacing it with a new one for extra kerb appeal. For Garage Door Repairs Bristol, visit a site like Up and Over, providers of Garage Door Repairs Bristol.

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Whatever minor damage there might be will look bad so make sure all the little niggles like a creaking door, broken seals, dripping taps and old wallpaper are sorted before the viewings begins. They may seem insignificant to you, but it may give the impression that the property is not well maintained and can hide larger problems.