Tips for the perfect house share

House share can be both fun and exciting, however, when it goes wrong it can lead to arguments, tension and living in an unpleasant environment. If you’re gearing up to move in with friends, colleagues or even strangers, you’ll likely be full of nervous excitement. Don’t forget to get help with your move with a House Removals Essex like Relocate, a leading House Removals Essex company.

Here are some tips for the perfect house share:

Always respect the privacy of your housemates – do not go into their room when they are not there and always knock first if the door is closed. Keep the noise down if you invite friends or come back late at night and try to give some warning if you have visitors.

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Communicate with your housemates – have an established channel of communication to discuss house or flat things, for example, a group on social media. Should an issue arise, however, the best thing to do would be to communicate face to face, so that it can be resolved quickly.

If you do not yet know your housemates, being polite and engaging in conversation early will go a long way and helps to build a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Choose your housemates carefully – If you have the luxury of picking who you live with, consider carefully before making concrete decisions and think if could possibly disagree over anything such as smoking, obsessive neatness or visitors, for example.

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Be truthful about your lifestyle and your expectations when discussing things with potential housemates or flatmates because it’s sure to be a life experience that will be much more fun with people you connect with.