Some of the world’s ugliest buildings

Some architects design buildings that people just don’t appreciate. They often go on to earn the undesirable titles of ugliest buildings in the world. Here are a few examples:

  1. Morris A. Mechanic Theatre, Maryland, USA

This theatre has a somewhat depressing and uninviting façade. It was once a thriving business with stage performances from stars like Katherine Hepburn. Sadly, the windows and doors are now boarded up and no shows are staged here anymore. For the locals though, many feel it should have been demolished a long time ago. If you have a structure like this, consider Demolition Bath at a site like David Horton, providers of Demolition Bath.

  1. Petrobras HQ, Rio de Janeiro

This building looks like a combination of a prison and something built from Lego. It is a blocky and dreary structure that sits in a prominent location in the downtown city area of Rio. To exacerbate things, the appearance of the outside slats make it look like its falling down.

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  1. Zizkov TV Tower, Prague

This building is pretty ugly to begin with, but what makes it worse is the artist David Cerny decided to install little climbing babies which turned this tower from an eyesore to a bizarre head-shaker.

  1. The Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand

This unusual creation has been described as looking like a slide projector fell on a wedding cake that fell on a waterwheel! It forms part of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings and the fact that it sits close to neighbouring Edwardian neo-classical buildings only accentuates its unattractiveness.

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