Mobile phone use at funerals

Funerals serve as a time to gather and remember the life of the deceased. However, funeral etiquette has many considerations, including what to wear, whether it is appropriate to bring your kids with you or even the way in which to use your mobile phone.

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Using a mobile phone at a funeral can be viewed as disregarding a family’s privacy during grief and is therefore thought to be inappropriate. Even a glance at your device can give the impression that you are not present and can be interpreted as disrespectful during a sensitive time.

Your phone must be kept silent and not just vibrate, as this can still be heard during the service and kept silent for the whole memorial. If it’s urgent, be sure to excuse yourself and get out of the building before responding or answering your phone. If in doubt, speak to your Funeral Directors Essex at a site like T Cribb, a leading Funeral Directors Essex.

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Funerals often end up feeling like a kind of family reunion where relatives who don’t see each other often find themselves together for a chance to reminisce. As tempting as it may be, reconnection is not for a happy event, and a funeral is not the time or place to take photos, or selfies, unless you have asked the family for permission. Also, avoid posting on social media, unless you are asked to send them by family members.

If you want to photograph or record the ceremony, to be sure ask the family of the deceased first. Where some families may be open to the idea, others may find it disrespectful.