Reasons for changing a conservatory roof

Did you know that you can change your conservatory roof? The frame and the existing windows can remain the same, provided they are in good shape and structure. There are many reasons why someone may choose to replace their conservatory roof, and these include:


Some people find that their conservatories are too hot or too cold depending on the time of year, which means that they cannot use their conservatories as much as they would like. It can be very frustrating because you have a beautiful space that ends up simply abandoned. The most common causes of poor temperature control include a very old conservatory which may not have had modern options available at the time of building and the other is that temperature control was not considered at the time of installation. There are many factors to consider when designing and installing a conservatory, such as the position of the conservatory and the quality of products used.

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An old conservatory will inevitably deteriorate. But you may find that your roof is in far worse shape than the rest of your conservatory! You frame and windows may look fine, but the roof may look unsightly, especially if it is a polycarbonate roof. You may also wish to update the windows too. For Windows Stratford Upon Avon, visit a site like Centurion, a leading Windows Stratford Upon Avon supplier.

Want to change the material

Glass, polycarbonate or tiles? Three different materials with different qualities. Polycarbonate is always used as a cheaper option, but it still looks good and has solar choices. Glass looks fantastic and comes in different tints and solar choices. Tiles are a great option if you want to transform your conservatory into a new room that can be used! The material depends on what you want to use the space for and also how you want it to look.

Noise problems

Some people want to change their roofs because of it being too noisy when it rains. If you’ve ever sat in or near a polycarbonate roof when it rains, you’ll know how loud it can be! So, if you have a conservatory that leads right into the living room or kitchen you may find that this bothers you. Some people may even like to hear it! Usually installing a glass roof will eliminate excessive noise.

Want to change the design

Did you know that if you decide to change your conservatory roof, it does not have to be like for like! You can completely change the design, so it looks like a brand new conservatory.

Previously badly installed roof

Unfortunately, not every installer has your best intentions at heart! Some people move into their property with a conservatory that has been poorly installed. If this happens, all is not lost, and it can be repaired or replaced by a professional company.

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Changing the use of space

If you find yourself needing extra space, then transforming your conservatory into an extension may be for you! Conservatory roof tile replacement options include insulation that gives you a solid roof on the existing conservatory frames and windows. The interior can be plastered and painted how you prefer, with lighting and furniture options to your taste.