Summer Trends for Outdoor Events

If you want to throw the best outdoor events this summer, then you need to know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to summer event trends. Here are some of the biggest outdoor event trends this season that you’ll want to include in your event planning:

  1. Transitional furniture

Make your outdoor furniture as sophisticated as your interior event designs by seamlessly blending the two with your furnishings. Outdoor events require a lot of seating, so mix up different options for bars tables, dining tables and areas for socialising. Functional or modular furniture is perfect. Think of the furniture you find on patio decks, lawns or pool sides.

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  1. Bold patterns and colours

Choose neutral highly versatile shades for the furniture but go bright and bold with accent pieces to introduce classy colours. If you don’t want to go for the usual seat cushions, consider brightly coloured wire tables, designed for outdoor use and available in bright summery colours. Benches are another great idea for social seating and can be moved around with relative ease for changing the dynamic and networking.

Jungle and Palm patterns are big right now, so if you want to add in a deeper, more sultry shade then opt for greens and deep blues. A classic traditional look that ever seems to age is the blue and white striped design. This offers fresh, crisp lines that feel airy and bright. Linens look and feel great for summer fabric choices when decorating your event too.

  1. Mediterranean theme

Highly popular right now is a Mediterranean theme for outdoor events. To create this look, think about adding greenery where possible to recreate a Tuscan garden atmosphere. Wood is also a strong feature of this theme, so mix up wooden benches and tables surrounded by fake boxwood hedges for the ultimate in Mediterranean chic. You could even add some hanging flowers in baskets to create a more intimate and romantic feel.

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  1. Indoor creature comforts

One of the biggest trends for outdoor events this summer season is ultimate comfort. It’s about feeling like you’ve brought the indoors outside with you. Any details to enhance the comfort experience of your guests is worth considering. It can be simple details too, such as keeping guests hydrated and placing citronella candles around the venue to prevent guests being bitten by bugs. Consider the importance of Event Medical Cover, with

Water stations are a great idea to save people having to line up at the bar. Always factor in more shade than you think you’ll need. An event full of sweltering guests will soon lack the vibe you were hoping for. If there is no natural shade, then invest in large umbrellas over tables so guests can feel comfortable and cooler.