Take a Cold Shower

There aren’t many of us who like the idea of taking a cold shower. Showers should surely be a pleasurably hot and muscle-relaxing experience, right? You know that moment when you’re in the shower and someone flushes elsewhere in the house? Feels horrid, doesn’t it? When the water runs icy cold for thirty seconds. However, a cold shower might actually be better for our health and here’s how:

  1. Makes you more alert

Whilst the thought is enough to make you shiver, when cold water hits the skin, our deep breathing response actually helps to keep us warm. It increases our oxygen intake and therefore the oxygen levels in our blood. This causes our heart rate to increase, circulating blood more effectively around our body and giving our energy levels a nice boost. Did you know that the Hollywood actress Katherine Hepburn always took cold baths and showers and swore by them for energy-giving purposes?

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  1. Improves skin and hair

A brilliantly natural way to improve the appearance of your hair and skin is to tale cold showers. Hot water dries out skin and hair, whereas cold water tightens pores and cuticles, so they don’t become blocked. Cold water also acts as a kind of seal for skin and the scalp, preventing grime from entering. If you don’t fancy ice-cold, then lukewarm acts the same way. Cold showers help hair by making it look shinier and feel stronger by flattening the hair follicles. If you could do with a new shower, consider Bathrooms Northern Ireland from https://bathline-bathrooms.com/

  1. Improves circulation

The initial shock of being covered in cold water helps to encourage increased blood flow around the body. This is good for our heart health, can lower blood pressure, boost our immune system and help clear blocked arteries. Surely that’s enough to encourage you to give one a try?

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  1. Can help with weight loss

This has got your attention! Did you know that humans have two types of fat, brown and white? White fat is a result of consuming too many calories that don’t get burned off. Brown fat, however, is the good stuff that helps us to insulate ourselves and a cold shower helps stimulate the production of this type of fat. Studies have shown that cold showers taken for a year could result in a weight loss of 9 pounds.

  1. Reduces stress

You might think having a cold shower or jumping into a chilly ocean would add to the stress you experience, but it can have the opposite effect. It can help you to build up your tolerance to stress and even illness. Research has shown significant reductions in uric acid following exposure to cold water. The research also noted higher levels of gluththione, an anti-oxidant that helps other anti-oxidants to perform better. The results were found in ten healthy individuals who all participated in ice-cold swimming during the winter.