Surely squirrels aren’t pests?

You might not believe that squirrels can be pests. After all, aren’t they cute, furry animals? Not all the time. While they look cute running up trees and nibbling on nuts, they can cause damage if allowed to roam around in your attic space, for example.

They are also old enemies of bird enthusiasts because they make a habit of stealing nuts, seeds and fruits that are left in the garden to attract wild birds. For squirrel problems, consider Pest Control Chelmsford at a site like

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Our native squirrels have seen decreased numbers over recent decades due to competition for food and an increase in natural predators. Their habitat has also been slowly eroded.

Clear signs that they live nearby includes ‘dreys’ which is a large nest usually made in tree forks and hollow tree trunks. As a protected species, it is illegal to harm or capture the red squirrel or destroy, even partially, an area where they live.

The grey squirrel is an invasive species which considerably outnumbers the native red squirrel. This type of squirrel is thought of as a pest in forests, as they can be pretty destructive in stripping the bark off the trees.

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All species of squirrels are capable of becoming a pest, especially when they get into the attic in the winter. They pose little danger to people though. Inside the house, squirrels can cause major damage to the heating and air conditioning systems if they get into the electrical equipment. Squirrels can make holes in the siding and cause damage to attic insulation.

Outdoors, squirrels can cause considerable damage to the electrical and telephone cables. Squirrels also can chew holes in the siding. Squirrels should not be approached as they can bite.