The Importance of Generator Servicing

A question that all plant owners / operators should be asking themselves is how often does the generator need servicing – how often and what needs to be done. It’s vital to ensure that your generator is serviced at regular intervals to avoid problems that could result in plant failure. Making sure that you schedule regular generator servicing will help you maintain your generator efficiency and provide emergency power for years to come.

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Why do generators need servicing?

Here are some basic guidelines will make scheduling a servicing a walk in the park.  When thinking about how to service the generator, how often, and what needs to be done, ask yourself the following questions: how often do I run the generator? Generators that are used often will require more frequent servicing than a backup generator that is rarely used. No matter the amount of use, however, all generators do require a level of basic care, including:

Cleaning the generator: All generators must be cleaned and inspected for leaks every year.

Change Oil: The oil should be changed every 50-60 hours of use to improve reliability.

Replace Oil Filter: The oil filter should be replaced every time the oil is changed to ensure the new oil is being filtered properly.

Replace Air Filters: Air filters should be changed every year; a dirty air filter will not be able to attract the necessary amount of clean air.

Replace Spark Plug: The plugs should be changed after approximately every 100 hours of use. The spark plugs should also be checked during servicing generators to ensure they are not worn or cracked.

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Check the battery: The battery power level should be checked as well as the general status of the battery. Make sure there is no visible corrosion on the battery or its connections.

These tasks should be carried out regularly; frequency depends on factors such as the type of generator and how much use it experiences. The generator should include recommendations on how often to service it – which might vary depending on the particular model.