Post exercise routines you really should follow

Post-exercise recovery is important, though often overlooked. After each workout with a treadmill, a period of post-exercise recovery and cool-down is as important as actually doing the work itself; no matter if you focus on the arms, lower body, or work on your six-pack.

Often, in haste to get out of the gym, we can forget to complete this cool-down phase. But in doing so, you may lose the opportunity to give your body the attention and care it needs. Studies show that people who do these post-exercise recovery activities – such as cooling and stretching exercises – see the benefits of it in that they experience reduced soreness, and are ready to get going with another workout in a shorter amount of time. Here are some steps you should be taking after every workout:

1. Cool-down exercises

As soon as you drop a dumbbell on your last set, or finish the last mile at the track or treadmill, you do not want to stop completely – you need to cool down. There are various ways to bring your heart rate down: some yoga poses and stretching, if you want, but many people choose light jogging, walking, or even jumping in the pool for a few laps. It’s really up to you – just make sure you take 10 or 15 minutes to actually bring your workout to close.

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2. Stretching

Going right from the cooling phase and into the stretch is often suggested by many coaches – and sometimes they are one in the same. If you do not feel like jumping on a treadmill for 10 minutes, targeted stretching routine might be a better option for you. Stretching will improve flexibility, which is essential for exercise and your daily life. Find out more about a Gym Dublin by visitng a site like

3. Use a foam roller

For those who have never used one, many fitness enthusiasts recommend using a roll, made of foam, and basically roll around on the floor. The benefits are that knots in the muscles can be soothed after a workout. You can also do this before exercise to help warm up as well. Foam rolls may seem a little unusual at first, but give them a shot and they might work wonders for your recovery time.

4. Drinking water

This one is pretty obvious, but some people seem reluctant to do so. Just drink the water! Rehydration may be the most important element of any post-exercise routine, and you will not recover if you become dehydrated. After sweating out a ton of resources and reserves of water from your body, it just needs to be recharged. So, bring a bottle of water and make sure you are drinking enough to stay hydrated.

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5. Track your progress

It is now super easy and straightforward to track of your fitness and diet routine. There is a wealth of smartphone apps available and also devices such as FitBit, Apple Watches, and other smartwatches that can help you out. Or, if you prefer, you can use a more traditional pen and paper, or spreadsheet. The key here is to make sure you know what exercise you are doing and to track your improvement.