Things to know before moving a lab

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to relocating a laboratory. You have to pack and label chemicals, carry out a full lab decontamination and transport everything to the new laboratory, while strictly adhering to all regulations related to moving and ensuring you comply with them all.

Conducting a laboratory relocation from start to finish safely and efficiently requires a variety of skills that are unique. Lacking in any area could result in hundreds of thousands in fines, employee injury or property damage. Here are some of the things you need to know before relocating a laboratory.

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Regulatory compliance

This is the most important thing you should understand before relocating a laboratory. Unlike other projects, the relocation of the laboratory requires a deep knowledge not only legislation but also the rules of transport facilities. Contact your local regulatory agency to ask what is expected of you in the move. Also, hiring specialists to consult on project logistics can prove to be helpful in keeping the project compliant.

Financial management

One way to cut costs without reducing the quality of the relocation is to hire a contractor to go through the whole process with you (rather than hiring different contractors for each step). This will increase project efficiency and lower the overall price.

Hiring and Management Team

Before starting the relocation lab, an experienced and competent team should be hired who are professionals in every part of lab relocations. For Lab Relocation Services, visit a site like

Waste disposal

Proper disposal of chemical waste is one of the first steps in the relocation of a laboratory. Every chemical must be assessed, and if they are not going to be used in the new lab, discarded. Transportation of chemicals and disposal is more or less equal in cost. It’s much more sensible to get rid of unnecessary hazardous material to reduce the risk of the liability of transport.

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Hazmat transportation

It is inevitable that parts of the hazmat lab will be transported during the relocation. You have to have a team member who knows how to properly pack, label, pack and transport hazmat to adhere with all regulations.

Lab Decontamination

Once you have moved your lab, there is still work to be done in the facility. It is standard practice to decontaminate the facility before unpacking to avoid any potential contamination and hazards that exist as a result of research and development activities. Research the guidance on the decommissioning of laboratory research methodology as this must be followed to ensure that companies minimize their liability from what they have left behind in their prior facility. Having team members with experience in laboratory decontamination is essential.