What wedding guests will be wearing in 2020

As we move into 2020, we enter full planning mode for brides up and down the land who will tie the knot this year. For others, we start to think about what we’ll be wearing as guests for this year’s nuptials.

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There are lots of stunning outfits available, though whatever your personality and however extravagant your taste, be sure not to upstage the bride! That might mean not wearing something so outrageous that guests’ attention is drawn away from the bride, or steering clear of white.

As a wedding is a celebration, it’s appropriate to wear some colour. That might mean colour blocking, a subtle pattern, or something in between. As for the fabric, it really is a case of anything goes! Silks, satins, chiffons – think opulent, and push the boat out!

A specialist retailer like My Kind Of Dress https://www.mykindofdress.com/dresses/wedding-chic.html will have a great choice of wedding guest dresses.

Coral and gold

Coral was a trend that dominated 2019, and it looks like being big again this year. It’s perfect for weddings. It works well with any beige or nude shade, or dress it up with a gorgeous metallic gold. Think shoes, handbag, or a wide belt. Or, go the other way and use coral as your accent.

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Florals will always be in fashion for wedding guests. This year, try a bold graphic floral for your print. Coral would work again, or try a bold monochrome colour scheme. Choose a colour from the florals to work as your accent colour and you’ll look very ‘together’. Be careful to choose just the one accent colour with prints though, as having several makes the outfit look very busy and can be harder to wear.

Pastels are always a good choice for weddings too, and work very well with florals too. Baby blue is a lovely choice, especially for a tailored mother-of-the-bride dress.

And when it comes to what the bride herself will be wearing, see the predictions from Hitched to discover what you can expect to see from this season’s brides.

Also consider whether the ceremony will be in a church or not – some will have dress codes like covered shoulders – or if there are any restrictions or themes that the couple themselves are requesting. If in doubt, go for modest, and semi-formal.