Tips for choosing a headstone inscription

Choosing a poignant inscription on a gravestone can be a source of great anxiety and stress. It can also be a source of comfort and joy when the words are appropriately selected. Here are some useful tips for choosing just the right things to say at a time of grief and sorrow:

  1. Take your time in choosing words. No one should rush or be made to feel pressured to choose an inscription too fast. It needs to be right for you and your family.

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  1. Select one of the relatives to take control. This will simplify the process and leaves no confusion or miscommunication. For help with Granite Headstones, visit a site like Abbey Memorials, leading suppliers of Granite Headstones.
  2. Avoid ‘In memory’; this has been used excessively and starts an awful lot of standard headstones across the world. This popularity means it has lost some of its meaning and impact over time. Instead look for another way to express this sentiment, like ‘remembered with affection’, or even a small carving of something that had meaning for the deceased. Carvings can often reveal sentiment that words alone cannot.

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4.Avoid too many words on a stone. For example, when inscribing the date, often the just the years are used. However, when creating a headstone for a baby or young child, days and months can be really important, especially if they only lived for a short time.

  1. Avoid a list of attributes, try to summarize points in short sentences.