Top Packing Tips

When it’s time to start preparing for moving home, the key is to get started early and never leave things until the last minute. Here are some tips on how to deal with what feels like an impossible task:

Before you start

You need a plan before you start packing. This will help you to stay focused, stay on top of things and pack items correctly. Consider a plan for how you will approach each room, starting at the top and working down. For example, if you have a loft, start with that space first. Always remember to label boxes with the room they are for to make life easier on moving day. Contact a Bristol Removals Company today for help with your move.

Gather the materials you will need, such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Always get more boxes than you think you need as people always underestimate the number of belongings they have. Try to have a good variety of sizes in your boxes.  Have a thorough clear-out before you start packing as there’s no point wasting time, space and effort transporting items you don’t want or need.

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The Packing

Label – When moving appliances, pack up all the accessories that go with that appliance such as wires and chords and note which appliance they belong with. This makes life so much easier when you come to install these appliances in your new home.


Ideally you should pack all vital documents together and marked ‘essentials’. This includes things like birth and marriage certificates, passports and certificates etc. You might choose to keep this box with you as misplacing this stuff will cause a much bigger headache than a lampshade gone awry.

Moving Day Box

Keep a box to one side that’s filled with important things you’ll need on the day and first night of your move. These things might include medication, phone chargers, toiletries and clean clothing.

Heavy Items

Try to pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Filling a big box with heavy stuff will make it virtually impossible to lift. Heavy boxes should be placed on the bottom when loading transport and it’s useful to label any heavy boxes so the removals company know which ones to be careful with to avoid injury.

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Did you know that used toilet roll holders make great containers for transporting cables and can easily be labelled so you know which cable belongs where?

Fragile Items

A good idea is to remove drawers from furniture and pack fragile items inside wrapped in clothing. Cover the drawer with cling film to secure the contents. Pots and pans can be stacked together and wrapped in newspaper. Wrap plates individually and pack them in a vertical manner so pressure isn’t forced onto the bottom plate, as it would be stacking horizontally, resulting in breakages.

Special mirror boxes can be used for mirrors and artwork, taping them up securely. Using packing tape in a V shape on mirrors can help stop them from cracking.