Volunteering in Africa

If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer for a good cause and travel at the same time then you should consider joining a volunteer scheme in Africa. Whether your calling is to protect lions or help to teach village children, there is so much you can offer in the beautiful continent of Africa. Experience new ways of life, culture and some breath-taking landscapes while expanding your mind and paying something back to humanity. Here are just some examples of the amazing opportunities for volunteering:

Volunteer with Children – There are many volunteer opportunities to work with children, one example being the Tanzania Children’s Fund in Rift Valley, Tanzania. The scheme is the perfect mix of work and play as the mornings are dedicated to teaching English while the afternoons are kept free for play, arts and crafts and engaging in sports activities. Staying with a local family, you’ll be fully immersed in the local culture which provides the chance to forge lifelong friendships.

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Community – Volunteering with the Humanitarian Aid Foundation in Ghana is an ideal opportunity to get involved in helping a whole community. There will be the chance to work in day care centres, orphanages and classrooms of the local school. This is a beautiful area of Africa, with a National Park and Wili Waterfalls not too far away to make the most of your free time. A fun addition to your experience is the chance to learn African drumming and authentic ethnic dances. You’ll want to remember this exciting adventure for the rest of your life. What better way than to incorporate some ethnic décor to your home on your return? For a colourful range of Bolga Baskets, visit http://www.injabulo.com/

Helping Women – If you’re calling is for the empowerment of women then take a look at Give A Heart to Africa. Based in Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro you’ll teach in an adult educational class and visit local businesses. There is also the opportunity to help at a children’s program but the focus is very much on volunteering to improve the life chances of some of the poorest women in the world.

Environment – If animals are your thing then you’ll want to head to Kenya to join one of many projects including Big Cat Wildlife Research and Conservation. Imagine the excitement of working alongside Masai Mara wildlife guides in area with the highest number of lions in the whole continent. You’ll help collect data on daily game drives in the continued efforts to protect and conserve the population of lions, leopards and cheetahs in their natural habitat.

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Health – Rural clinics in Ghana are always grateful for volunteers as the area struggles with providing the most basic of medical care due to a lack of professionals. Immerse yourself in the wonderful Ghanaian culture as you help in clinics and orphanages. You will need to have at least two years’ medical training to take part in the Medical Project in Ghana.