What Goes into Making a Plane?

Holidays are back once again after two years of disruption and lockdowns, and despite some of the chaos at the airports over the last few months, many Brits this year are looking forward to flying away once again to spend a well-earned holiday in sunnier climes.

Something that many of us give little thought to when we are heading off on our holidays, is the technology that makes this possible in the first place. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to sit on a machine in the sky and arrive quickly in another country. In the days before planes, people spent weeks sailing across the seas to get to their destination, a trip that would have taken longer than the holiday itself!

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So, what goes into making a plane? Well first of all, the individual parts of planes are made at many different places, not all in one place at one time. Different companies will specialise in doing each individual job, from making the engines to PTFE Coating companies like this https://www.poeton.co.uk/standard-treatments/electroless-nickel-plating who apply protective coatings that are needed for the plane to be able to fly safely at high altitude.

All of the jobs involved are done to exceptionally high standards – in order for the plane to be as safe as possible, there are rigorous checks done throughout each procedure and each part will have to pass a lot of safety checks to ensure that it is up to the job, from the wings to the nuts and bolts that hold them in place, nothing is overlooked.

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Once all of the parts have passed the test and have been produced, they will then be moved to a place where they can be put together to build the plane. This is done by highly trained engineers and again it is a process which has inspections and checks done throughout to make sure that nothing has been missed and that the assembly has been done correctly.

Once the plane has been built it will be put through further tests to ensure that it meets the correct standards to be able to fly safely and carry passengers. It can then go to one of the airline companies who will get it up into the air and take passengers off on their holidays!