Wheel Stops for Car Parking Control Issues

Aussie Speed Humps are a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high quality vehicle management products and have filled a void in a market that is sometimes to susceptible for poorly manufactured car park control products that do not guarantee the required standards are met.

Wheel stops are a financially viable and effective solution to car parking control issues and the benefits include demarcating parking spaces and loading bays, stopping vehicles hitting car park walls and encroaching pedestrian walkways. They can be particularly useful in any place where parking control is required, such as multi-storey car parks, home garages, factories and outdoor car parks.

Types of wheel chocks

Wheel stops are usually made of concrete, plastic or rubber, but they do not always withstand certain conditions so the type of preventative product you choose depends on the environment in which you intend to use them. Also, depending on your individual requirements, wheel chocks are an effective device worthy of consideration for preventing cars rolling down a steep incline.

Ideally your choice of wheel chock should be made of sturdy material which is able to withstand the type of vehicle you are using it for. Plastic wheel chocks cannot support an articulated lorry, for example.

You may also require a device which can be moved and used wherever required so need something light enough to carry between locations, but strong enough to support a wide variety of vehicles. Wheel chocks can be used with cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorcycles and even aeroplanes. They must be matched to the size of the vehicle and be used on a firm surface. When choosing your product a moulded rubber material is advisable as this is a strong material which is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled.