Why have a living wall in your home?

Bringing your walls to life can have many benefits; and what better way to do this than by bringing the outdoors in and starting your own green revolution! Here we take a look at what’s hot in indoor greening.

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So what are living green walls?

Known as vertical gardens, green walls, living walls or ecowalls, they are vertically hydroponically grown panels of plants that are either attached to walls or free-standing.

What are they made of?

As it suggests, living green walls are made up of plants and greenery, assembled on a structure with some systems allowing the plants to be automatically watered.

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How do they work?

Hung in sections, a living wall contains plants and flowers and either needs hand-watering or a self-watering system. They provide some excellent benefits including neutralising carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. Importantly, living walls reduce noise pollution and don’t have an impact on floor space. There is also the well-known fact that people feel better when in close proximity to nature.

When was the concept developed?

The idea was first patented in 1938 and hence began the revolution in sustainable architecture.

So what are the benefits?

In essence, such walls help restore nature’s balance, improve air quality and provide associated health benefits. Indeed, air quality is an important aspect of health and wellness and plants have been proven to filter and remove toxins.

With increased air pollution, nature can help reverse the damage, particularly with the number of plants that live within the wall. Importantly, by satisfying certain green criteria, homeowners can see an increase in the value of their property, much like oak porches or garden pods.

Bringing the outdoors in

Green walls create an exceptional space for living art, bringing nature into the home and providing a beautiful visual image of colour and growth for friends and family alike. They actively cool the air during the hot summer days which reduces the need for air conditioning within the home. Such locations also offer the perfect environment for bespoaktimberframes.co.uk.

Due to their flexibility, green walls are perfect for indoor environments and can be designed to suit a homeowner and their needs. With health and happiness benefits, living green walls are the future, a revolution that will aid introducing nature into your domestic space.