How to increase the capacity of our Android

One of the most common problems in the users of Android phones is usually the storage capacity. We tell you how you can increase it.

Although almost all terminals have an external microSD card reader, the problem lies in the internal capacity of the terminal itself and the applications installed therein.

Therefore in this post we will talk about how to pass applications from internal memory to an external memory to increase the capacity of the phone and other ways to free memory, in order to be able to install more applications or simply have more space for those already installed.

Apps to increase the capacity of our Android

As we have said before, some terminals have a limited internal capacity and there are certain applications that “a priori” can not move to an external card and therefore occupy a large amount of size in the internal memory.

The first application we will talk about is App2SD. This application will allow you to allow applications to be moved to the external memory even though part of the data may still be stored in the internal memory. Although some applications such as WhatsApp, Gmail or YouTube, for example, do not let them move to the external storage card and we have to follow the next step to achieve it.

In a previous post we talked about the advantages of being a root user in Android. Well, when it comes to moving applications from internal memory to external memory is one of those advantages. Being a root user, you can move any application to external memory, both the application itself and its own data. Examples of applications that can perform this type of tasks are Link2SD or App2SDGui. You can also uninstall any pre-installed application on the mobile, which we do not want to use and which occupies part of our internal memory.

Another way to increase our capacity in the mobile is to erase the content stored in cache and all the “garbage” that accumulates in our terminal. To get rid of all of it, there are some applications such as SD Maid and Clean Master. As we have seen throughout this post, we have the possibility to say goodbye to the hateful message of “There is not enough available storage space” that can appear when installing or updating an application and in this way increase the capacity of storage of our Android phone.