Plan a Camping Trip to the French Alps

With so many summer holidays being cancelled or postponed this year due to a pandemic sweeping the world, many people have been left with a yearning to travel. Just because the traditional resorts and bigger cities may be closed, this is a year to try something a little different.

Camping is something that can be enjoyed safely, whilst observing social distancing measures, and is a great way to enjoy a break whilst also enjoying the great outdoors. Being in amongst nature is a brilliant way to help our bodes and our minds, and there are few places better than the French Alps.

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The French Alps may be chiefly known for the winter ski scene – invoking visions of snow covered landscapes and woolly hats and gloves, but in the summer the snow melts away and the alps become a haven for wildflowers and animals who enjoy the sunny meadows.

Camping in the French Alps is a wonderful experience and a way to enjoy relaxing and being closer to nature or if you are into more adrenaline filled activities, have a go at kayaking, paragliding or rock climbing. When camping, it is important to remember to ensure you have everything that you need before you go, so that you aren’t stuck for anything when you get there – somewhere such as this camping shop Dublin should be able to supply you with everything that you need for your trip.

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It is also a good idea to plan any activities that you may want to do during your trip and consult a map to plan routes so that you know where you are going.