The importance of the Giants Causeway.

When you first see the Giants Causeway it is very easy to see why so many of our ancient ancestors believed it to be a magical place. Not only is it set against the magnificent backdrop of the rugged North Antrim coastline it is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland as well. This all adds to the creation of myth and legends that are still enduring and being told today. The reason why such a place is important is that not only does it provide a much needed shot in the arm to the Northern Irish tourist industry, the site is included as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. It’s the kind of place that you can happily wear any St Patricks Day Gifts you might have purchased beforehand.

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The myth of Giant’s Causeway states that Finn MacCool built it to get Scotland so he could fight with Benadonner. However, Benadonner was a lot bigger than Finn and so the Irish Giant had to use trickery to beat him. Benadonner ran back to Scotland ripping up the Causeway behind him.

What the real cause of the Giants Causeway is related more to geology and the incredible power of pressure on rock itself. The Causeway is made up of Basalt columns that have formed into Hexagonal shapes. So much of Celtic and Irish traditional art is centred around circles and fluid shapes that these ordered columns must have come as something of a surprise to the locals. Hence the myth and story. From a Geological point of view the place is extremely important as it offers us a great chance to understand how the earth is shaped after volcanic activity.