Weddings with a difference – How to make your big day stand out

If you have recently got engaged, then first of all congratulations! Planning a wedding should be fun, not a headache, and you will want to put your own personal stamp on the big day and make it enjoyable for the both of you and your guests. The first thing to do, after you finish celebrating your engagement, is to sit down together and work out what you would both like from the day. Do you want a large party, or a more intimate gathering? Do you have large and involved families or a small group of friends? This will help when you decide the venue, as you will know how many people you are catering for.

When it comes to the venue, think about your local area. If you want a religious ceremony, it is important to visit the place of worship that you have in mind and discuss your options, as there may be things that you haven’t thought of to do beforehand, for example, the reading of the banns in church of England ceremonies. Maybe you are both passionate about a sport? If it is cricket that you both love, for example, County Ground Taunton wedding venue for the cricket enthusiast is great!   or maybe you both love holidays in the sun – how about getting married abroad?


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Whatever your budget, it is sometimes difficult to keep in it, but making some things yourself, is not only great fun but makes it really special and personal. If you are not into making things yourself, maybe you have an arty bridesmaid or best man? It is also fun to get all of you together, and make the centrepieces, for example! It will get everybody bonding before the wedding and you will end up with some unique decorations!

Wedding outfits are another big thing to consider – if you are on a budget, eBay is a great place to start! Also, plan in advance and have a look online at wedding stores that are holding sales – you can pick up a great bargain being in the right place at the right time. If traditional dress is not your thing, there are plenty of other options depending on your personal taste. The main thing to remember with planning a wedding is that is YOUR big day – and if you are happy, your guests certainly will be!


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