Choosing the Right Rental

Looking for the ideal property to rent is not an easy task. You don’t want to accept the first place that becomes vacant. It might be in the desired location but are you making compromises in other respects? There are many things that a prospective tenant needs to consider, and these handy hints will help you to discover the best on the market:

Rent is one of the highest considerations. Before you start searching, research typical rents in your area for what you’re looking for. This is much easier nowadays thanks to the internet. Having this knowledge will help you to determine a budget. When you view a property, be sure to ask exactly what is included in the rent and what isn’t. Knowing what isn’t included will allow you to budget for any additional costs. Always focus your attention on homes within your budget so you don’t get tempted to overstretch yourself financially.

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Parking is a key consideration for any vehicle owners and in urban areas, you can’t always assume that the property comes with private parking. If there are no allocated spaces, you’ll want to find out how close the nearest safe place is to park your car. In towns and city centres the local councils often have a permit scheme that could well have an additional charge.

Finding a rental property can become harder if you are a smoker or a pet owner. Most advertisements will be clear as to whether the landlord accepts either but never assume that you can smoke or bring your pets into the home. You could find you’re in contravention of your tenancy agreement or have invalidated insurance policies. If adverts don’t state whether pets or smokers are allowed, be sure to seek clarification straight away.

A relatively new deciding factor for tenants is now the speed and effectiveness of the internet connection. Modern life has made such a requirement essential rather than a luxury. With so many more people working from home or needing access to emails and internet banking for example, tenants will be looking for properties where the broadband signal is good. Mobile phone coverage is another factor that needs to be checked when viewing a property. If you’re looking for property in the Bath area, contact professional Letting agents Bath at

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Ideally, you’ll be looking for a property with good exterior and interior conditions. It pays to check a few things when viewing, including the security of the windows, locks and doors. What is the condition of the paint and brickwork? Does the roof have missing tiles? Spotting any potential problems means you can pre-empt future issues from occurring.

The same goes for the interior. The perfect rental will be clean, tidy and with a fresh décor. It’s worth testing the water pressure and finding out what the heating system is like – after all, you want to be comfortable when you move in. Look out for any damp patches or areas recently painted over.

You’ll also want to know what, if any garden you might be responsible for. You’ll be expected to cut the grass and keep it tidy at the very least, so decide if you want a bit of green to call your own or you’d rather live without the hassle. A compromise would be looking for a rental with some outdoor space that is decked and very low maintenance.