What is skincare essence and should I try it?

You might have heard along the grapevine about a new beauty product causing waves in the world of cosmetics. Skincare essence is a top of the line skincare product unlike any currently on the market. As with any new product, people are sceptical, and it can be difficult to get a straight answer from chat forums and reviews. What exactly is skincare essence? How does it work, and why should you try it?

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What is skincare essence?

Skincare essence is a staple product at the centre of Korean skincare routines. A secret passed down for generations, skincare essence has a huge market in Asia for fighting the signs of ageing, hydrating dry skin and purifying blemishes.

The essence is often confused for one of two things, either a serum, or a toner, but it is neither. A serum comes in a small bottle and is often a highly concentrated product, skincare essence comes in a large bottle and has all the key ingredients to restore tired skin without needing to be concentrated.

How does it work?

The watery formula has active ingredients that combat all sorts of skin issues, but due to the thinness of the liquid it is often described as a toner. A toner cleans the surface of your skin and is usually followed by a moisturiser and skincare essence is not a cleanser. The idea is that the ingredients get deep into the layers of your skin, after cleansing.

The way the product is applied is also important. Where you might wipe from side to side with a toner, skincare essence needs to be lightly dabbed across the face in an upwards direction from the chin, says Dr Nadine Pernodet, who developed Estée Lauder’s Micro Essence. This technique ensures the pores are open, meaning your skin feels light and refreshed after every use.

So where can you get it?

Many companies have produced skincare essence and Avene Sensitive Skin Gift set lets you to try the whole range, or give the gift of cool refreshed skin to friends with sensitive skin http://www.lifeandlooks.com/avene-sensitive-skin-gift-set.html.

Due to the delivery of deep nutrition, this product is better suited to those who suffer with dry sensitive skin as its hypoallergenic formula means it’s gentle to skin.